Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential vitamin for our bodies. It is usually found among citrus fruits and vegetables; however, we do not consume enough on a daily basis. Vitamin C plays a profound role in heart and brain functions, and has been used for decades to assist our bodies fight against sickness and boost our immune system. It helps the body recover from inflammation, thrombosis and ischaemic damage. In addition, vitamin C helps with the production of collagen and stimulating skin cell synthesis.

Vitamin C Therapy

Improve the look of your skin

As the saying goes, beauty is more than just skin deep. To radiate on the outside, you must be balanced on the inside. Define the complexion of your skin with the help of our Vitamin C Therapy treatments. Our popular vitamin infusion stimulates collagen production, resulting in glowing skin with a firmer appearance. Vitamin C also lightens pigmentation and brightens your overall skin tone.

Boost your immunity system

If you’re battling a cold, then it’s time to blast your body back into balance. Vitamin C has been shown in clinical trials to drastically improve recovery from the common cold, infections and even increase the lifespan of patients with terminal cancer. Our Vitamin C Therapy infusions contains Hartmann’s Solution and Vitamin C which offers numerous benefits.