Need quick hydration after a big night or workout? Simply Hydration is your solution. Simply Hydration includes 1000 ml of ‘Hartmann’s Solution’. It is designed to bring your blood alcohol level down while giving you the hydration you need to get back to work, fresh and rejuvenated.

How it helps with hangovers

Alcohol increases the chance of dehydration. One reason for this is that alcohol has a diuretic effect, which increases the likelihood of urination. It also influences the vasopressin in our systems – hormones that control our fluid balances. This dehydration (amongst other factors) can then create the familiar rollover symptoms we feel when hungover, including headaches, lack of energy, nausea and more.

Simply Hydration is a fantastic cure for hangovers. Containing 1000 ml of Hartmann’s Solution, Simply Hydration acts as a much-needed fix for anyone with assignments, projects or other commitments after a big night out.

Great for workouts

To stay energised, our bodies always need to be hydrated. No matter what your level of workout, it is important to remain hydrated throughout the day if you want to maintain optimal performance – after all, our bodies are approximately 65% water.

If you had a big workout and need to hydrate, Simply Hydration can help restore your energy and hydration.