The iRefresh clinic is the first of its kind in Brisbane to provide hydration therapy via IV infusions and vitamin boosters. The idea of curing a hangover, jetlag and muscle soreness was turned into a reality. We’ve taken a traditional medical treatment and given it a modern twist!

Our team of highly trained doctors and nurses can help you restore balance in your life. Whether you need to revitalise after a big night out, re-energise from a stressful day at work, get immunised and hydrated before a long flight or want to speed up your recovery whilst battling an illness, iRefresh has a range of treatments to keep you moving forward.

Our hydration therapy services provide a proactive way to maintain optimum wellness and can also be used to treat acute and chronic conditions. We believe the use of vitamin drips and infusions is a safe method to deliver large doses of vitamins and nutrients that are not normally tolerated orally by your body’s organs. IV hydration therapy provides 100% absorption into your bloodstream, whilst orally taking pills and supplements have an absorption rate of 50-60%.

Our mission at iRefresh is to improve your health and wellness by alleviating the accumulative effects of dehydration, stress or illness. IV hydration therapy has been tested and proven to work. Our accredited nurses and doctors can assess your needs to see which areas need attention to then help rejuvenate your body. Benefits that our patients have experienced after hydration therapy include increased energy, regulated sleeping pattern, reduced stress, bolstered immunity system, hydration and faster muscle recovery.

Our Staff

iRefresh staff consists of highly qualified and experienced doctors and nurses. All of our staff are friendly and professional, and your comfort, safety and health are their primary concern.